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09 February 2014

all day!


Meet the makers and explore special clarinet items brought by local and overseas manufacturers.

- Pomarico from Italy will bring a wide range of crystal and wooden mouthpieces.

- Ton Kooiman from The Netherlands will be present, displaying the latest products concerning ergonomic improvements for woodwinds 

- HUBB - Instrument Workshop - from Turkey will be displaying a tempting choice of barrels and bells in exotic woods as well as G clarinets.

A one-day clarinet festival, more then 20 fantastic guests will be present to meet and inspire you:

Ab Baars, Raluca Baicu, Oguz Buyukberber, Rachel Deloughry, Yedo Gibson, Hans Hylkema, Steven Kamperman, Bart de Kater, Tobias Klein, David Kweksilber, Cătălin Milea, Michael Moore, Folkert Oosting, Maarten Ornstein, John Ruocco, Fie Schouten, Alex Simu, Ziv Taubenfeld,

Jaïr Tchong, Tini Thomsen, Emirhan Tuga, New Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet


9:30 Doors open

10:00 ROOM 1

Concert and presentation

"Meet the Family" a musical introduction to all instruments of the clarinet family.

With Rachel Deloughry, Bart de Kater,

David Kweksilber, Alex Simu, Jesse Faber,

Tini Thomsen, Emirhan Tuga.


Private lessons with Raluca Baicu.

11:00 ROOM 1

"The Secrets of Balkan and Oriental Clarinet Playing"

Alex Simu

Understanding technical, aesthetic and musical premises.


"Sound painting"

Raluca Baicu

Have you ever imagined your sound? What would it look like? Which colors would you use? This workshop is about emotions, thinking, breathing and other techniques, all put together for the sketch of a beautiful and rich sound painting.


Learning by Jingles – Specially for Kids

Film and Cartoon Music on Clarinet!

In this hour, we will be exploring the basics of clarinet playing through film and cartoon music! Warm-up with Jaws the shark, learn about pentatonic scales and 6/8 time by playing the Spongebob jig, build a warm sound with Skyfall and if you are awesome enough, try the Kung Fu Panda – Legends of Awesomeness theme tune.


Private lessons with Cătălin Milea

12:00 ROOM 1

"Past, Present and Future of the Clarinetist" moderator -

Folkert Oosting

An open debate about the ever- changing status, position and role of the clarinet player in our society.

How can we search solutions and improve the clarinet education ?

How are clarinet players integrating in our society now days and what is the future reserving them ?


The popularity of the Balkan and Turkish music is also rising very much in the Netherlands!

Workshops are designed for anyone who wants to deal with Balkan and Turkish music knowledge and folkloric elements, diverse rhythms and the "Balkan temperament. The pleasure of making music is the most important.

“Klezmer, Balkan, Turkish”

Emirhan Tuga


Private lessons with Bart de Kater

13:00 ROOM 3

"Improvisation from simple

to complex" Cătălin Milea  

The workshop will show how

simple exercises can make

improvisation a fun experience,

like a game in which you don't think

about the rules all the time, you just

play it. It becomes even more creative when you are involving the others in it, as called in jazz: interplay. The workshop will

be an open experience to all its participants, everyone will learn to improvise and will bring his own ideas into the game.

13:30 PM ROOM 2

“Klezmer, Balkan, Turkish” ensemble presentation

Emirhan Tuga

14:00 ROOM 1

The Nieuw Amsterdam

Klarinet Kwartet

concert and workshop

Hilde Kaizer, Jesse Faber,

Bart de Kater

Lieke van den Beuken.

“The joy and practical importance of doubling”

David Kweksilber

Playing 3 saxes and 3 clarinets, the joy of the different timbres inspiring to make different music.




Private lessons with Rachel Deloughry

“Clarinets and Electrinets”

Oguz Buyukberber &

Maarten Ornestein. How the acoustic possibilities of the clarinet may be extended into digital and analog world.

Improvisation workshop

Michael Moore


Private lessons with Emirhan Tuga

15:00 ROOM 1

“Interplay and graphical scores”

Fie Schouten
making of a beautiful field of sound and a sky with stars - if you like join the evening concert in the same piece!



Improvisation workshop

John Ruocco

16:00 ROOM 1

“Last Date” screening, the movie by Hans Hylkema, about the very last days of the life of Eric Dolphy, presented and discussed by Jaïr Tchong.

The Last Date (Hans Hylkema , 1991 , 92 ' )

Documentary about the legendary composer, improviser and reed player / flautist Eric Dolphy ( 1928-1964 ).
Dolphy died in Berlin on June 29, 1964, but his music is still alive. The film combines a biographical portrait of the musician with a reconstruction of Dolphy's last tour. During this tour, a few weeks before his death, Dolphy played in the Netherlands with the trio Misha Mengelberg , Jacques Schols and Han Bennink . They ended the tour with a radio session, of which the record Last Date was released after his death, which is considered by connoisseurs to be his best album. The film focuses on these radio recordings in Hilversum and is made up of six chapters, each chapter referring to the six numbers on Last Date . The prologue and epilogue each respectively refer to two main aspects of Dolphy: Dolphy as a musician and Dolphy as a person .

Interview with Hans Hylkema

Hans Hylkema was born in 1946 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He is a director and writer, known for De laatste sessie (1991), Oeroeg (1993) and De papegaai (1988).

18:00 Dinner break

20:30 Evening concert

"Celebrating ERIC DOLPHY" featuring Ab Baars, Raluca Baicu,

Oguz Buyukberber, Rachel Deloughry, Yedo Gibson, Hans Hylkema, Steven Kamperman, Bart de Kater,

Tobias Klein, David Kweksilber, Michael Moore, Folkert Oosting, Maarten Ornstein, John Ruocco,

Fie Schouten, Alex Simu, Ziv Taubenfeld, Jaïr Tchong, Emirhan Tuga

17.30 PM ROOM 1

22:45 Blue Clarinet Jamming 4 MasterPeace

jam session

MasterPeace is an international grassroots movement that inspires everyone around the world to use his or her talent and energy for building peace and togetherness. Blue Clarinet is proposing the clarinet as the official peace making music instrument. Guests and participants will be jamming under the sign of peace, freedom and creativity.

Day activities starting at 10:00AM

- Special clarinet programs for kids

- Introduction to the clarinet for total beginners

- Basic, intermediate and advance techniques of playing various music styles

- Film presentation, Last Date movie by Hans Hylkema, presented and discussed by Jaïr Tchong

- Debate "Past, Present and Future of the Clarinetist"

  1. -Concerts

  2. -12 Workshops/Masterclasses and 15 free private lessons.

Evening concert starting at 20:30PM

"Celebrating ERIC DOLPHY" featuring all special guests above mentioned.

Students, pupils and kids have 50% discount on any of the tickets.

Tickets Available online www.splendoramsterdam.com

General entrance day tickets: 12€ access to all the activities,

(for lessons and workshops and private lessons signing up is necessary, OP=OP)

Evening concert tickets: 12.50€

All-day ticket: 20€ (all day activities + evening concert)

Media partners:

CONTACT/ click here -> to sign up for lessons or workshopsmailto:info@blueclarinet.com?subject=email%20subject

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, 1011 LX, Amsterdam

for who ?

People who love playing or listening to clarinet, all music styles, levels, ages and nationalities

why ?

To have the chance to inspire and be inspired, to meet other people who share the joy of playing this wonderful instrument.

To discover new musical, artistic and technical possibilities.

If you never played any instrument, and you would like to start with clarinet, you're also welcome.

how ?

Come join us, with or without a clarinet.

who are we ?

Blue Clarinet team is a group of musicians who share a modern and practical perspective on the instrument and creates events where musicians have the chance to meet, connect, learn or teach. No age or level restrictions, a broad style pallet mirroring the versatility of the instrument, with dedicated programs for children as well as the chance for total beginners to become acquainted with the instrument.

We do these actions at our own expense and if you would like to support us, be a member of the team, or donate, you are welcome to contact us
info (at) blueclarinet.com

Alex Simu, Rachel Deloughry,

Cătălin Milea, Raluca Baicu